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5:00 pm | Welcome

Elliot Maras | Editor | Kiosk Marketplace & Vending Times

5:10 pm | Opening Keynote

The Customer Journey. How Has It Changed and What Does the Future Hold?

Today’s consumers have been spoiled by the ease of communicating seamlessly in real time by social media and high powered digital marketing. Retailers and brands hoping to engage with consumers successfully at the point of contact need to make the customer journey as easy and enjoyable at every other touchpoint consumers are exposed to. Ruth Crowley explains the elements of a successful retail and brand strategy.

Keynote Speaker:
Ruth Crowley | VP, Merchandise & Brand Strategy | Hudson Group

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Ruth Crowley
VP, Merchandise & Brand Strategy
Hudson Group

5:10 pm | Opening Keynote

The Future of the Self-Service Industry

EJ Kritz will present future decision-making data from “The Future of Consumer Self-Service” – a research survey produced by ath Power Consulting in conjunction with Networld Media Group’s self-service business sites, Vending Times and Kiosk Marketplace.

Keynote Speaker:
EJ Kritz | Director of Training & CX Insights | ath Power Consulting

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6:00 pm | Networking Event

Welcome Reception

This is a great chance to interact with speakers, sponsors and fellow attendees, learn about new products and make new contacts.


7:30 am | Breakfast

8:30 am | Keynote Session

Session Topic – Coming Soon!

Keynote Speaker:
Raghu Sagi | Chief Information Officer | Inspire Brands

Mark D. Smith | Business Development Manager | Bitcoin Depot

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Raghu Sagi
Chief Information Officer
Inspire Brands

9:30 am | Refreshment Break

10:00 am | Kiosks Track

Phygital: Where Physical and Digital Intersect

In a retail marketplace where consumers want to shop wherever and whenever they please, brands must offer a variety of purchasing touchpoints, including self-order kiosks, in addition to online and traditional stores.

The future of retail can best be described as “phygital,” a blending of the traditional physical and the emerging digital channels.

This session will look at why “phygital” is more important in a post-COVID world, emerging trends in the space, and what brands are doing next to innovate their phygital customer experiences.

Rob Bence | Director, Digital Technology | United Airlines

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10:00 am | Vending Track

New Self-Service Technologies for a Changing World

Self-service technology has created several ways to engage customers at the point-of-sale.

A panel of experts will describe how technologies such as app-based order and pay, biometric identity verification, artificial intelligence and others are making restaurants and retailers more relevant to consumers.

Neil Thompson | VP, Digital | HMS Host

  • Sponsored by 365 Retail Markets

11:00 am | Refreshment Break

11:30 am | Kiosks Track

The Third Customer Set: An Opportunity You Didn’t Even Know You’re Ignoring

As a self-service or kiosk operator, you’ve built your product and experience with two sets of customers in mind — the end-user and the retailers or real estate owners you operate within. But what about the brands that want to work with you? This panel will discuss how digital out-of-home advertising can be an additional revenue source for your business and the steps you need to take to set up your signage network.

  • Sponsored by Vistar Media

11:30 am | Vending Track

Ready-to-Eat Food Vending: The Revolution Continues

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed a number of foodservice brands to develop vending concepts that have proven successful. Several brands have used new vending technology to not only sustain product freshness but engage the customer interactively at the point of sale. Hear from a panel of experts on this exciting foodservice revolution.

Louise Hudson | VP of Marketing Operations | Aramark Canada
Drew Munro | Co-Founder & CEO | Upmeals

  • Sponsored by Automat Kitchen

12:30 pm | Lunch & Learn

Session Topic – Coming Soon!

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1:30 pm | Open Exhibit Hall Time

2:30 pm | Kiosks Track

How to Successfully Navigate Pricing and Supply Chain Issues in Today’s Self-Service Landscape

While COVID-19 unleashed a new wave of interest in self-service technology, many companies deployed additional customer touchpoints, a movement that continues post pandemic. As a result, many companies have encountered insufficient supply chains for equipment, components and even software, issues that can impact pricing and ROI.

Can a company successfully navigate pricing and supply challenges when expanding their self-service footprint in today’s marketplace? A panel of experts weighs in with their suggestions.

Kemal Arin | Founder | Showtime Pictures

  • Sponsored by Touch Dynamic

2:30 pm | Vending Track

Touchless Vending and Coffee Service Machines: Success Beyond COVID?

COVID-19 created a new customer demand for touchless interaction due to health concerns. However, the demand for touchless and contactless interaction continues to expand on account of the recent customer exposure. As a result, several equipment manufacturers developed touchless versions of their machines. A panel of convenience services operators will explain how they assess the current need for touchless technology and how they introduce it to customers.

Gary Arwin | Owner | Gator Vending
Woody Kassin | CEO | Capital Provisions

Ursina Beerli | COO | Invenda Group

  • Sponsored by Invenda Group

3:30 pm | Refreshment Break

4:00 pm | Awards Presentation

Self-Service Innovation Awards

Join us as we honor the most innovative use of kiosks and vending.

Categories include:

  • Innovation of the Year (B2B)
  • Innovation of the Year (B2C)
  • Best COVID-19 Solution
  • Reader’s Choice Award: Innovator of the Year (Company)
  • Reader’s Choice Award: Innovator of the Year (Person)

5:00 pm | Networking Event


After a full day of informative and inspiring sessions, interact with speakers, sponsors and fellow attendees to discuss the day’s session and make new contacts.


7:30 am | Breakfast

8:30 am | Kiosks Track

Session Topic – Coming Soon!

Mary Jesse | CEO | MTI

  • Sponsored by MTI

8:30 am | Vending Track

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for Vending and ATMs

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency continue to expand at a rapid pace, with more retailers accepting it and more consumers using it.

Is it time to add bitcoin and cryptocurrency acceptance to vending machines and ATMs? Should you consider adding bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs? A panel of experts will offer their insights.

  • Sponsored by Coinsource

9:30 am | Refreshment Break

10:00 am | Kiosks Track

Germ-Free, Contactless and Beyond

COVID-19 boosted awareness about sanitation and the importance of contactless self-service technologies. Brands, retailers, ATMs and other venues have since recognized a wealth of additional benefits these point-of-sale technologies offer to customers and employees.

Glenn ImObersteg | CEO | Holo Industries

  • Sponsored by Holo Industries

10:00 am | Vending Track

Hot New Amusement Vending Technology – How Frictionless Experience Drives Footfall, Profitability and Customer Delight

You will experience how the advancement in computer vision and IOT sensor technology coupled with LIDAR is changing the way hotel, resorts, amusement centers are providing best-in-class customer delight. This Frictionless Commerce approach drives footfall, reduces operating costs and improves unit profitability.

Our expert industry panel will talk about this technology and how one can adopt this quickly in their ecosystem to generate ROI.

  • Sponsored by UST

11:00 am | Refreshment Break

11:15 am | Closing Keynote Session

Thought Leader Roundtable: Executive Predictions

As we wrap up the Summit, this heavy-hitter panel of industry thought leaders will comment on a variety of topics.

  • Sponsored by Ventus

12:15 am | Summit Concludes

11:15 am | Closing Keynote

Session Topic – Coming Soon!


Marbue Brown
Head of Customer Experience – Consumer Banking & Wealth Management
JPMorgan Chase

Agenda and speakers are subject to change.