Vending Track / Thursday / December 15, 2022 / 10:30 AM

Cash Is Not Dead

You’ve heard it over and over, consumers are going cashless, but that doesn’t mean cash is gone.

One of the fastest growing retail industries today is gaming, which has expanded beyond the traditional casino into mainstream retail stores. And as every gaming operator knows, for many customers, cash remains king.

Beyond the skyrocketing gaming industry are the masses of unbanked and underbanked Americans who rely exclusively on cash for everyday purchases.

Fortunately, today’s payment technology allows retailers and equipment operators to accept cash along with cashless payment. A panel of experts offers their insights.


Vik Devjee | Vice President | CIMA Cash Handling America
Rocco DiNapoli | Owner | Superior Amusements
Andrew Kartiganer | President | Professional Vending Services
Andrew Kartiganer, owner of Professional Vending Services in Deerfield Beach, Florida, has been in the vending business nearly all of his life, being a second generation vending operator. A graduate of Farleigh Dickinson University in Rutherford, N.J., Andrew served as senior vice president and director of operations for All American Hero, a restaurant franchisor, before owning and operating shopping mall restaurants on his own. He later sold his restaurants and re-entered the vending business with bulk vending. By 2000, he expanded his vending business to include office coffee service and water service. In 2011, he became a Canteen franchisee through an acquisition.
Bruce Renard | Executive Director | The National ATM Council
Bruce Renard is a businessman, trade association executive, consultant, and attorney with over thirty years of wide ranging experience at the local, state and national level. Bruce began his career specializing in the telecom and related technology industries, where he participated in both governmental and private roles that helped shape and usher in competition across many areas of the telecommunications industry. In recent years, Bruce has turned his attention to the financial services industry, where he helped start and now serves as Executive Director for The National ATM Council, Inc. (NAC), a U.S. trade association representing the Independent/Retail ATM industry. Bruce also runs a legal/regulatory/business consulting firm financial services/telecom firm serving the financial services and telecom industries.

Shaun Ferrari | Vice President | Currency Research
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