Enabling Customers to Bank When, Where and How They Want — The Next Arc in Customer Experience for Banking

The growth of mobile banking has led many to believe that all other channels have pretty much run their course and will soon be displaced by mobile solutions. Yet, there’s no such thing as a mobile-only customer. Depending on the job to be done, customers need to engage with their bank in a variety of channels. The key to delivering transcendent customer experience is right-sizing the channels and enabling a superlative experience across all of them.


Marbue Brown | Head of Customer Experience – Consumer Banking & Wealth Management | JPMorgan Chase

Marbue Brown is the Head of Customer Experience for Consumer Banking & Wealth Management at JPMorgan Chase. He is a member of the Consumer Banking leadership team and partners with senior leaders across the firm to define the vision and path toward a world-class customer experience. Marbue has an extensive track record of using the voice of the customer to help companies improve business performance. His publications on customer experience measurements are widely cited in the industry. Prior to joining JPMorgan Chase, he was the Global Lead for the Customer Experience Andon Cord program at Amazon. Before that, he led Customer Experience Measurements at Microsoft and held senior Customer Experience roles at Cisco Systems and Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore).

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