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  • Cherryh Cansler | Vice President of Events | Networld Media Group

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How AI Can Deliver Improved Self-Service Kiosk Operations

The integration of AI has emerged as a game changer in many industries, and self-service equipment has not been an exception.

AI already offers improved user experience, enhanced efficiency, improved security, better business analysis and efficient risk management. Future benefits include improved automation, more personalized user experience, predictive maintenance and supply chain optimization.

A panel of self-service veterans expand on how progressive organizations can integrate AI into existing equipment.

  • Steve Lieber | VP of Franchise Development | BurgerFi
  • D.J. Plavsic | Executive Director, System Patient Access | Indiana University Health

| Breakout Session

Voice-Speech Interaction: The Next Game Changer in Customer Experience

The integration of voice interaction represents a pivotal advancement for self-service equipment, but embedding this technology into existing software has posed challenges. Challenges exist for integrating both automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech technologies, as well as challenges in managing audio signals.

A panel of brand decision-makers who have ventured into this sector to take the customer journey to new heights share their insights for success.

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How Self-Service Reduces Shrinkage

As self-checkout technology has expanded, some venues have experienced increased customer theft. Proactive retailers have been able to address this issue using additional security measures while preserving the benefits self-checkout offers.

In many circumstances, self-checkout technology prevents both intentional and unintentional pilfering of products, especially in environments where the employer wants to control access to supplies employees are required to use and return.

Each user environment requires a careful analysis to prevent shrinkage. A panel of experts offer insights.

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Specialty Vending: New Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

COVID-19 was a wake-up call for retailers, restaurants and various organizations looking to sustain their offerings when they had to close their doors. Many businesses, from butcher shops and gift stores to public health agencies, installed vending machines to sustain customer access to products and services.

 As a result, specialty vending has become one of the fastest avenues for complementing the traditional brick-and-mortar infrastructure.

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Reimagining Retail: Self-Service for a Healthier, Sustainable World

This session will explore how self-service technology can provide more than just an efficient customer experience; it can also contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world. Going beyond convenience and efficiency, we'll delve into how retailers use the tech to implement sustainable practices, expand health care and empower customer well-being.

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Ways to Improve Customer Experience: What Are the Opportunities?

Vending machines and micro-markets are more versatile than ever, thanks to technologies such as digital signage, digital out-of-home advertising, voice technology, facial identification, gesture recognition and more.

Digital screens, for instance, offer digital-out-of-home advertising, the fastest growing advertising channel which convenience services operators have only begun to scratch the surface of.

New technology also makes it possible to know when a person is interacting with digital media, which is also not true for all other media formats.

A panel of pioneers offer insights on how to capitalize on these growing opportunities.

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Biometric Identification In Self-Service: Where Does It Stand?

As biometric identification verification has expanded to numerous use cases, consumer privacy laws make it critical for self-service equipment to comply with rules intended to protect consumer privacy. Such laws often require an organization to get a customer's consent to collect their biometric information. 

Whether it be fingerprint or facial image capture, companies that have adopted this technology have learned to comply with consumer protection laws. 

 A panel of experts will offer guidance on how to utilize this technology effectively.

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Private Label in Convenience Services: Where to Begin?

As product variety has exploded and customer tastes have changed, private label products offer a way to provide the best quality products and distinguish the convenience service operator from the competition.

What resources are available to convenience service operators, and how does an operator know what products to offer? A panel of experts weighs in on the process.

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Automation & Self-Service Awards

The Automation & Self-Service Awards are the official awards of the Self-Service Innovation Summit and The awards honor innovators who are leading the way in the advancement of automation and self-service technologies, including vending, kiosks, robotics and AI.

The annual Automation & Self-Service Awards program aims to inspire and educate companies on how automation and self-service technologies can enhance productivity and profitability while optimizing both the customer and employee experience.

Categories include:

  • Best Vending Solution
  • Best Kiosk Solution
  • Best Mobile Solution
  • Best Use of Robotics
  • Best Use of AI
  • Accessibility Award
  • Influencer of the Year


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Expanding into New Services: How Does a Convenience Services Operator Decide?

What is the future of independent ATM operators? While the independent operator took his fair share of hits during COVID, the amount of cash in use has expanded in triple digits, creating more opportunities than ever for IADs.

In addition, many banks are looking to reduce if not exit the ATM business given some of the operational challenges involved, creating more opportunities for independent operators.

Industry veterans offer some insights on how independent operators can capitalize on these opportunities.

| Breakout Session

AI’s Role in Vending: Where Does It Stand?

Artificial intelligence offers convenience services operators new tools to improve operational efficiencies as well as the customer experience.

AI allows operators to utilize data such as demographic information to tailor the machine menus to the specific location. It also enables the operation to service the machines at the most opportune times, enhancing efficiency and improving customer experience.

While innovation brings new opportunities, identifying what technologies to add and when to introduce them has become more challenging than ever. Operators must be educated about technology and their staffs’ capabilities to choose the right technology.

A panel of operators who have traveled this journey will offer insights.

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Thought Leader Roundtable: Executive Predictions

As we wrap up the Summit, this heavy-hitter panel of industry thought leaders will comment on a variety of topics when it comes to self-service and the customer experience.

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