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  • Cherryh Cansler | Vice President of Events | Networld Media Group

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Join us at the start of the Summit for a chance to network with attendees, speakers and sponsors over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.


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Check-in Kiosks: Finding the Right Solution for Your Venue

The growth of check-in kiosks in recent years has drawn a host of new equipment and technology players to the market. User verticals have expanded beyond travel, health care, hotels, lobby, and hospitality to include many types of businesses and organizations. How does an organization determine what capabilities they need for a check-in kiosk, and what qualities should they seek in a provider? This session will offer some insights.
Sponsored by KIOSK Information Systems
| Vending Track

Meeting Customer Expectations for Micro Markets, Vending and More

Customer preferences nowadays are more diverse than ever, with calls for gluten-free, sustainability, functional and more. How can a convenience services operator know what products will meet the needs of a diverse and demanding customer? What resources are available? A panel of experts weighs in on the process.

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| Kiosk Track

Help the Disabled: Self-Service Technology Can Ensure ADA Compliance

Technology specialists have made significant strides in enabling persons with disabilities to utilize self service equipment, ensuring ADA compliance and improving the quality of life for this customer base. This session will explore how a service venue can assess the needs of disabled individuals and what self-service options can best assist them.
| Vending Track

Product Shrink in Micro Markets: What Can You Do?

Micro markets continue to expand at a fast pace across the customer landscape, offering more variety than ever. One challenge that continues to undermine the micro-market experience from the operator’s perspective is product shrink. A panel of veterans explores what strategies work best to overcome this challenge.
  • Zachary Oliver | President | Dependable Break Room Solutions

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| Kiosk Track

Innovation: What’s Hot; What’s Not?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and 5G telemetry are just some of the technologies bringing new capabilities to the self-service market. What new innovations are setting progressive actors apart in today’s self-service playing field? How does a brand or retailer find technology resources? A panel of experts weighs in.
Sponsored by Zebra Technologies
| Vending Track

Can Vending and Micro-Market Technology Ever Be Foolproof?

New capabilities continue to emerge for micro markets and vending machines. How does a convenience services operator ensure the technology is reliable, user-friendly and accessible to customers with different levels of technical aptitude? A panel of experts weighs in on the process.
Sponsored by Nayax

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| Kiosk Track

How to Control Theft in Automated Retail

Automated retail is on the move as consumers want to make purchases faster and without friction. One of the biggest hurdles retailers face introducing automated retail technology is controlling product shrink at the point of sale. What tools can retailers use to control theft? Hear from those who have traveled the journey.
| Vending Track

Creating Winning Private Label Products to Excite Customers

As product variety has exploded and customer tastes have changed, private label products offer a way to provide the best quality products and distinguish the convenience service operator from the competition. What resources are available to convenience service operators, and how does an operator know what products to offer? Experts offer some insights.

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| Awards Presentation

Self-Service Innovation Awards

In its fourth year, the Self-Service Innovation Summit recognizes the products, organizations and individuals that play important roles in improving the self service experience worldwide. Join us as we honor the most innovative use of kiosks and vending.

Categories include:

  • Innovation of the Year (B2B)
  • Innovation of the Year (B2C)
  • Accessibility Award
  • Reader’s Choice Award: Innovator of the Year (Person or Company)

Click here for a description of each award category.


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After a full day of informative and inspiring sessions, interact with speakers, sponsors and fellow attendees over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.


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| Kiosk Track

Helping Your Employees Meet Customer Needs With Tech

Today’s technology offers more ways than ever to engage with consumers, but new innovations bring new challenges. Brands and retailers first need to have employees on board when introducing new technology. Veterans offer their insights.
Sponsored by Code Factory SL
| Vending Track

Help (Still) Wanted

Finding qualified help has never been more challenging for convenience service operators. What resources are available for finding high-quality employees? How does an operator solicit and screen good candidates? Learn some methods that have made the task easier.

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| Closing Keynote

Thought Leader Roundtable: Executive Predictions

As we wrap up the Summit, this heavy-hitter panel of industry thought leaders will comment on a variety of topics.
Sponsored by Ventus

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