The Future of Secure Issuance: Creating a Foundation of Trust from Government to Finance

Join a panel of experts, discussing the latest trends in all things self-service issuance. From securely provisioning an ID to instantly issuing a credit or debit card, key solutions lay the groundwork globally that allow enterprises, financial institutions, and government entities to securely authenticate and provision the physical and digital identities that keep the world in motion. This action-packed session will cross borders and industries including use cases from banking, gaming, border security, higher education, and beyond. Tune in to learn more about the dramatic shift in consumer behavior and the impact it will have on the way the world receives, uses and manages secure identities.


Rauly Butler | EVP & Director of Retail Banking | Mechanics Bank

Rauly Butler started his career at Crocker Bank in a retail management training program in 1982. In 1986, Wells Fargo purchased Crocker Bank and Rauly took on a large iconic bank branch in downtown Berkeley where he was manager until 1996. He then opened a branch for Mechanics Bank in downtown Berkeley and four years later was named the Head of Retail Banking. Mechanics Bank is an $18 billion bank and has 131 branches in California. Rauly sits on the board of six non-profit organizations, encourages local bankers to get involved in their communities and challenges them to become community leaders.

Brent Crossland | Senior Manager, State Government Initiatives | Entrust

Brent Crossland has worked with state and local government initiatives for Entrust since 2003. His primary focus is on digital identity, digital signing, and encryption projects for agency-wide or government-wide deployments. In a former life, as Deputy CIO for the State of Illinois is was a member of the team that deployed a statewide, citizen-facing PKI system for secure authentication and digital signing. In his free time he works on DIY home improvement and wonders why he has so many unfinished projects.

Kevin King | Executive Director, Product Management | NCR

Kevin King has been with NCR over 10 years and relocated from Dundee, Scotland to GHQ in Atlanta almost 6 years ago. He is responsible for all banking hardware products globally managing roadmaps, requirements and setting the strategy for the hardware portfolio.


Andy Cease | Product Marketing Manager | Entrust

Andy Cease joined the company in 2017 to help develop and bring to market transformative products that make it easier for financial institutions to improve their cardholder experience.┬áPrior to joining Entrust, Andy worked in a variety of product, marketing and operational roles for companies specializing in digital payments, cloud computing, and e-commerce. Andy has a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a master’s degree from the University of St. Thomas.

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