The Third Customer Set: An Opportunity You Didn’t Even Know You’re Ignoring

As a self-service or kiosk operator, you’ve built your product and experience with two sets of customers in mind — the end-user and the retailers or real estate owners you operate within. But what about the brands that want to work with you? This panel will discuss how digital out-of-home advertising can be an additional revenue source for your business and the steps you need to take to set up your signage network.


Brendan Carr | New Business Development | Crane Medianet

Brendan Carr has been leading business development for CPI’s Media network since 2018 introducing marketers to the largest place based digital out of home platform of its kind. Medianet connects marketers from fortune 500 brands to 25 million consumers monthly at roughly 50 thousand connected self-service screens worldwide. Brendan has been in sales and marketing for over two decades holding strategic positions with Nestle Foods, News America Marketing and start-up companies in the marketing services industry.

Donnie Helms | CFO | Pursuant Health

Donnie Helms is the CFO of Pursuant Health, a digital health data platform with a network of over 4,600 health kiosks located in high-traffic retail pharmacies throughout the United States. Pursuant Health enables individuals to regularly check in with their health when it is convenient for them and connects them to the health resources they need most. Prior to joining Pursuant Health, Donnie worked in public accounting where he led audit and consulting engagements with a focus on software and health technology companies. His clients ranged from venture-backed startups to multinational publicly traded SEC registrants.

Adrienne Lin | Marketing Manager | PepsiCo

Adrienne Lin is a Marketing Manager at PepsiCo, where she works to translates the overall beverage and food marketing strategies within the Foodservice division. Adrienne has also marketed personal care products at Unilever and wine and spirits at companies like Moet Hennessy. Before her transition to marketing and move back to the East Coast, Adrienne worked in finance and at a ticketing startup in San Francisco. Adrienne earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics at Stanford University and an MBA at The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Derek Myers | Founder & CEO | Advana

Derek Myers is the CEO & Founder of Advana, a performance marketing & technology platform for retail and digital signage. Advana applies advanced data science techniques to help marketers understand their audience and take instant actions to drive growth across 30,000 locations worldwide. Prior to Advana, Derek advised leading companies on strategy, products, and marketing programs in consumer products, retail, technology, logistics, and travel industries. He also spent 16 years at The Coca-Cola Company with roles leading strategy, commercialization, marketing, and digital transformation.


Eric Lamb | SVP, Supply | Vistar Media

Eric Lamb is SVP of Supply at Vistar Media, the leading provider of software solutions for digital signage networks. Eric leads all sales, technical support, and partnership development for Vistar’s digital signage and media owner clients. As part of the early team at Vistar, Eric began as a technical analyst, after which he moved into product management and eventually took over the supply side of Vistar’s business. Prior to joining Vistar, Eric was a Business Technology Analyst for StreetSolutions. Eric holds a B.S. in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

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