Touchless Vending and Coffee Service Machines: Success Beyond COVID?

COVID-19 created a new customer demand for touchless interaction due to health concerns. However, the demand for touchless and contactless interaction continues to expand on account of the recent customer exposure. As a result, several equipment manufacturers developed touchless versions of their machines. A panel of convenience services operators will explain how they assess the current need for touchless technology and how they introduce it to customers.


Gary Arwin | President | Gator Vending

Gary Arwin founder of Gator Vending is an innovator in the vending industry having been one of the first vending companies in the US to bring the use of cell phones to the vending industry. In early 2012 Gary began beta testing a new platform called Vuwi (Coin Free) on vending machines that allowed you to use your cell phone to make a purchase. Since then, Gary has used technology throughout his business to increase customer service, improve sales, increase efficiency, reduce costs and continually provide the best end user experience possible. Gary is passionate about using technology to it’s fullest for Gator Vending and helping others to do the same.

Albert Gonzalez | Operations Manager/Sales Manager | Best Office Coffee Service

Albert Gonzalez is operations and sales manager for Best Office Coffee Service in Miami, a coffee service operation serving South Florida. Albert and his father, Juan Gonzalez, formed the company in 2006 after working for other coffee service companies and grew it into one of the largest OCS players in South Florida. The company has focused on matching every customer with the proper type of brewer.

Woody Kassin | CEO | Capital Provisions

Capital Provisions’ CEO, Woody Kassin, is a senior-level executive with 25 years of management experience and proven expertise in driving value creation for growth-oriented companies. Prior to Capital Provisions, Woody served as CFO for Four Sigmatic, an investor-backed company specializing in “functional mushrooms”, used for their medicinal benefits in a variety of food and health products. Woody also founded JKC Brands in 2009, which provides strategic and interim management services for growth-oriented companies. That experience included serving from 2011 to 2019 as CFO of Body Ecology, a marketer of nutritional supplements and products, and serving from 2013 to the present as CEO and owner of Faucet Face, a marketer of consumer and promotional products.


Ursina Beerli | COO | Invenda Group

Ursina Beerli is the COO of Invenda Group, a Swiss company focused on automated retail technology, where she is responsible for global customers, distribution, and commercial expansion. Previously Ursina lead growth and innovation projects as a member of the leadership team of Selecta, Europe’s largest vending operator. Before that she was a leader in Bain & Company’s retail practices in the New York and Zurich offices.

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