Touchless Vending and Coffee Service Machines: Success Beyond COVID?

COVID-19 created a new customer demand for touchless interaction due to health concerns. However, the demand for touchless and contactless interaction continues to expand on account of the recent customer exposure. As a result, several equipment manufacturers developed touchless versions of their machines. A panel of convenience services operators will explain how they assess the current need for touchless technology and how they introduce it to customers.


Gary Arwin | Owner | Gator Vending

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Woody Kassin | CEO | Capital Provisions

Capital Provisions’ CEO, Woody Kassin, is a senior-level executive with 25 years of management experience and proven expertise in driving value creation for growth-oriented companies. Prior to Capital Provisions, Woody served as CFO for Four Sigmatic, an investor-backed company specializing in “functional mushrooms”, used for their medicinal benefits in a variety of food and health products. Woody also founded JKC Brands in 2009, which provides strategic and interim management services for growth-oriented companies. That experience included serving from 2011 to 2019 as CFO of Body Ecology, a marketer of nutritional supplements and products, and serving from 2013 to the present as CEO and owner of Faucet Face, a marketer of consumer and promotional products.


Ursina Beerli | COO | Invenda Group

Ursina Beerli is the COO of Invenda Group, a swiss company focused on automated retail technology, where she is responsible for global customers, distribution, and commercial expansion. Previously Ursina lead growth and innovation projects as a member of the leadership team of Selecta, Europe’s largest vending operator. Before that she was a leader in Bain & Company’s retail practices in the New York and Zurich offices.

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