For all categories except Influencer of the Year, you will need to submit the following:

Submission Name — Give your entry a short, descriptive name. This is how we will refer to your nomination during the awards ceremony if you win. (150 characters maximum)

Brief Description — Please provide a brief overview of the innovation or solution you are nominating. Information provided here must be non-confidential as this description may be used for the awards presentation or promotional purposes. (1500 characters maximum)

In-Depth Description — Provide an in-depth description of your nomination, including what makes it unique in the market. Answers to this question will be viewed by judges/staff only and will not be included in the presentation or promotion of the awards program. (5000 characters maximum)

Media Links — Please enter up to 3 links to videos (YouTube or Vimeo preferred), photos and/or web pages that provide more information about this nomination. Providing these links is optional, but highly recommended.

For Influencer of the Year, you will need to submit:

  1. Name of person you are nominating
  2. Why they deserve consideration as Influencer of the Year (5000 characters maximum)
  3. Link to the nominee’s website or LinkedIn profile or to an article about the nominee.