Kiosk Track / Tuesday / December 5, 2023 / 12:00 PM

Blue Ribbon Customer Service for Unattended Retail

As the “phygital” economy has expanded, self-serve kiosks are playing an important role in allowing brands to combine digital and physical venues to offer an omnichannel shopping experience. How does a brand ensure the same level of customer satisfaction from self-serve touchpoints as attended environments? This panel explores available technology options.


Dmitry Koshkin | Managing Director | friendlyway USA
Sassan Rahimzadeh | President | ARYA Cleaners

Elliot Maras | Editor | Kiosk Marketplace & Vending Times
Elliot Maras brings a background covering the retail, foodservice and payments industries, having served as the editor of Automatic Merchandiser Magazine for 20 years and as the founding editor of He is a graduate of the National Automatic Merchandising Association/Michigan State University Executive Development Program, a former board member of the International Foodservice Editors Council, and a winner of the Journalism Award of the Office Refreshment Development Foundation.
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