Kiosk Track / Friday / December 16, 2022 / 9:30 AM

New Markets for Kiosks

Kiosks have been around for decades, but a variety of industries are embracing them now more than ever. Brands and retailers are finding self-service kiosks offer an effective and efficient way to improve the customer experience for a variety of products.

A panel of businesses and entrepreneurs that deploy self-serve kiosks discuss why they’ve turned to kiosks and how they make their operations more profitable.


Amanda Atan | Managing Director | One Vibes Nation Vending & Advisory
Amanda A Atan is the award winning founder of Vibes Mastery Global Advisory and has multiples awards under her. She has helped many professionals and businesses build themselves as profitable brands with her 20 years of experience and expertise in brand strategy. Her extensive travel and networks in the UAE and globally enhances her portfolio to assist businesses. One Halal Nation is a new brand started in 3 Dec 2019 formerly known as VIBES Gold Vending Retail by VIBES Mastery. Amanda founded and launched the world’s first vending machine that sold Islamic and Halal related products in 2017. The expansion of the vending machines’ distribution into major retail malls grew as Amanda was passionate to assist micro business owners scale up their brandings This project saw extensive media coverage both locally and internationally. Singapore’s Book Of Records recognized the achievement in 2018. Amanda received the Top 50 Asia Pacific Women Leaders Award in 2018.
Jilbert Petrosian | Founder / Owner | Golden Goose Enterprises
Jilbert Petrosian has been in the frozen dessert industry for 22 years. He was educated as a Master Gelato Chef in the prestigious Gelato University in Bologna. Since 2001, Jilbert started his business with 19 locations of Gelato stores in the Middle East operating his business from Dubai. In 2012, Jilbert decided to return to the United States and at first started consulting for other gelato / ice cream shop owners. Later he introduced one of the largest Italian ingredient manufacturers, MEC3 to the American market. In 2016 Jilbert decided to create his own line of equipment for the frozen dessert industry. After 7 years of RND, development of prototypes and plenty of trial and error, Jilbert and his team designed the first commercially viable intelligent soft serve vending machine. Together with angel investor Matevos Keleshian, Jilbert founded Golden Goose Enterprises Inc. and iCream Inc. and started installing and operating the iCream vending kiosks and later Pinkberry by iCream Frozen Yogurt machine.
Alejandro Rodriguez | Founder & CEO | Pharmabox
Alejandro Rodriguez is the Founder and CEO of Pharmabox and its subsidiaries AmeriKiosk and SmartBox Retail. In 2014 Pharmabox was born out of the idea of providing customers with the best over the counter products using the latest technologies in the most convenient way. Seven years later and Pharmabox is more than an idea – it has grown into a huge success. Pharmabox is currently providing services to more than 100 locations around the US and has grown to include subsidiaries like AmeriKiosk – offering Hardware and Software solutions to brands and retailers in a variety of sectors – and SmartBox – an in-store robotic technology solution that addresses shrink while improving the customer experience and increasing ROI.
Amy Williams | Executive Producer | XD Agency
As an executive producer in the experiential events space, Amy Williams leads projects from the ideation phase through to successful execution. She started her career in the creative field as a graphic designer and became a founding member of what is now the XD Agency. During her 20 years of experience in production, she has delivered live events for a wide variety of segments and brands including Lowe’s, Lego, Cox Communications, Porsche Cars North America, Kia, Caesars, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim.

Richard Thompson | Sales VP, Global OEM | Zebra Technologies
Richard Thompson is the Sales VP, Global OEM within Zebra Technologies which in turn is part of Zebra’s Global Sales & Services organisation. Richard is responsible for the sales of key component technologies which Zebra manufactures and sells to a hugely diverse range of customers around the world who build these components into their own final products. He has a team of 40 specialist sales and support people around the world. Richard has worked in the IT & Telecommunications Industry for almost 30 years and has held sales, management and senior management rolls in a number of global organisations, including Elcom International, Symbol Technologies, Panasonic Computer Products, General Dynamics and Motorola Solutions.
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