Vending Track / Tuesday / December 5, 2023 / 10:30 AM

Meeting Customer Expectations for Micro Markets, Vending and More

Customer preferences nowadays are more diverse than ever, with calls for gluten-free, sustainability, functional and more. How can a convenience services operator know what products will meet the needs of a diverse and demanding customer? What resources are available? A panel of experts weighs in on the process.


Ray Friedrich | CEO | East Street Business Advisors
Ray Friedrich is a proven entrepreneurial leader with 35 years executive experience in the food and beverage industry. Ray started and grew a food service management company into one of the largest independent operators in Michigan when sold in 2019. Ray is a recognized national industry leader receiving many accolades for creating new and forward-thinking innovations related to the dining and convenience services industry. Ray now works with CEOs and business owners to help their organizations successfully identify, define and execute high-level strategic initiatives designed to meet their long-term goals. Ray is also experienced in executive team building and coaching. He helps to create a team culture of responsibility, collaboration and accountability. Throughout his career, Ray has demonstrated the power of new technologies to significantly transform an organization.
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