Vending Track / Thursday / December 15, 2022 / 3:30 PM

Digital Transformation and Choosing the Right Technology

Artificial intelligence, computer vision, machine learning and other technologies are offering convenience services operators new tools to improve operational efficiencies as well as the customer experience.

While innovation brings new opportunities, identifying what technologies to add and when to introduce them has become more challenging than ever. Operators must be educated about technology and their staffs’ capabilities to choose the right technology.

A panel of operators who have traveled this journey will offer insights.


Gary Arwin | President | Gator Refresh
Gary Arwin founder of Gator Vending, recently rebranded as Gator Refresh, is an innovator in the vending industry having been one of the first vending companies in the US to bring the use of cell phones to the vending industry. In early 2012 Gary began beta testing a new platform called Vuwi (Coin Free) on vending machines that allowed you to use your cell phone to make a purchase. Since then, Gary has used technology throughout his business to increase customer service, improve sales, increase efficiency, reduce costs and continually provide the best end user experience possible. Gary is passionate about using technology to it’s fullest for Gator Refresh and helping others to do the same.
Ray Friedrich | CEO | East Street Business Advisors
Ray Friedrich is a proven entrepreneurial leader with 35 years executive experience in the food and beverage industry. Ray started and grew a food service management company into one of the largest independent operators in Michigan when sold in 2019. Ray is a recognized national industry leader receiving many accolades for creating new and forward-thinking innovations related to the dining and convenience services industry. Ray now works with CEOs and business owners to help their organizations successfully identify, define and execute high-level strategic initiatives designed to meet their long-term goals. Ray is also experienced in executive team building and coaching. He helps to create a team culture of responsibility, collaboration and accountability. Throughout his career, Ray has demonstrated the power of new technologies to significantly transform an organization.
Michael Lovett | CEO | Capital Provisions
Michael Lovett is CEO of Capital Provisions, a breakroom food services provider in Southern California and also serves as a partner at Legend Capital, an investment fund focused on the convenience services industry that has made investments into over 100 vending operators. Michael’s work has included founding and serving operational roles at Vagabond, a technology provider, Legend Foods, an operator, and Capital Provisions. Prior to his time in the industry, Michael founded CirrusWorks, a network performance optimization company, and Critical Network Productions, a telecom systems integration business that was acquired by Swisscom, where Michael led the global enterprise solutions group.
Josh Rosenberg | CEO | Three Boys Strong Consulting Group
Josh Rosenberg is a former Executive in the Coca-Cola system, with over 18 years developing his skills from merchandising, service, call center management, sales, marketing, and operational roles. Josh left in 2013 to invest and lead as CEO at Accent Food Services. Josh led Accent from a single state operation to one of the largest multi-state operators in the Convenience Services industry. Over six years, Josh scaled Accent through top line revenue growth of more than 6x, by adding strategic acquisitions, strong existing customer retention, and building a strong culture before moving to an active advisory role in 2019. Since leaving Accent Josh has serviced both private and public boards, executive consulting, speaking, and fundraising.

Nate McQuillen | Account Executive | WTI Wireless
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