Kiosk Focus / Tuesday / December 5, 2023 / 3:30 PM

Lessons from 100s of Self-Service Device Deployments

At every stage of a self-service deployment, issues can and do come up. Be it integrating different software systems, integrating hardware and software, logistics and delivery issues, connectivity problems, partner and customer relations, etc. In this session, you will hear from implementation experts from Esper and others who have traveled these trails how they addressed real world deployment issues. Their experiences can better prepare you for your own self service journey.


Bhavin Asher | Founder & Chief Technology Officer | GRUBBRR
Bhavin Asher, founder and CTO of GRUBBRR®, is dedicated to revolutionizing commerce through self-ordering tech. Merging his roles as a technologist, entrepreneur, and consultant, Bhavin aims to make technology accessible to all businesses. Originating from his family's entrepreneurship background in the cotton trade, he pursued a computer science degree at the University of Madras. His tech journey spanned roles at IBM, where he delved into enterprise-level solutions, and later at Deloitte USA as a CRM Strategy Consultant. At Salesforce, Bhavin reengineered legacy systems across industries like healthcare and telecom in the U.S., Mexico, and Australia.
Mike Melton | Consultant, formerly of Refreshing USA
Michael Melton was the Founder and President of Peachtree Breakroom Services in Atlanta, one of the largest independently owned Full Service Operations in the Southeast. An industry innovator, Michael researched healthy vending and is credited with bringing it to Georgia, offering fresh fruits and other healthy and organic options. Peachtree was one of the first companies to be 100% cashless, embracing the technology necessary to run and grow a successful convenience services business. Over 31 years he built Peachtree into a highly profitable business that he sold in 2020. Michael is an NCE5 NAMA Certified Executive (NCE) and a graduate of the Michigan State Mini-MBA program. He previously served as National Director of Operations with Refreshing, USA., and as an Industry Consultant. He has served on the GAMC State Board for over 10 years, helping achieve Sales Tax Parity for Georgia operators and led the effort to merge Georgia into the Southeastern Vending Association (SEVA).
Bill Nulf | VP of Sales | MicroTouch
Lonnie Talbert | CEO | ATM Industry Association (ATMIA)
The ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) today announced the appointment of its new CEO, Mr. Lonnie Talbert, an experienced and award-winning high-level Financial Services executive. For over three decades, Talbert has enjoyed an extensive and successful career in Financial Services, including leadership roles with large Fortune 500 companies, encompassing several high-level executive roles. He was most recently President of the New Mexico Bankers Association and has been a member of numerous ABA committees and the ePay Advisors, Board of Directors. Lonnie received his BS degree in Business Administration from Jacksonville University.

Keith Szot | SVP & Chief Evangelist | Esper
Keith Szot is the driving force behind the innovation at Esper, a leading solution enabling DevOps practices for device management. As an avid early adopter, Keith’s love for technology feeds every aspect of Esper’s product, roadmap, and customer experience. His knowledge spans not only verticals, having worked in everything from industrial automation and warehousing to retail point-of-sale and consumer elections, and also the entire value chain of smart device solutions. Keith has deep customer empathy and know-how to get to the core of customers’ problems and identify solutions, having been on all sides of the product life cycle, from building and shipping solutions to making purchasing decisions.
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