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Hear testimonials from attendees, speakers and sponsors from the Bank Customer Experience Summit, including Stephanie Karaszewski of M&T Bank, Phil Leininger of USAA Bank, Ryan Beasley of First Financial Northwest Bank, Scott Hackl of Hyosung, Humberto Cuebas of Artificial Sensing and Mike DeMarco of Zivelo.

I particularly appreciated the real focus on actual customer experience and branch transformation. I will be back.


Chad Dilley
Zions Bank

Kudos to you and your team for an outstanding conference. I say that with some context having attended ABA, Financial Brands Forum and BAI to name just a few.


Jean-Pierre Lacroix

The Summit is really focused on branch transformation and bank customer experience, which is such a huge topic right now. Networking has been great. There are a lot of good vendors here. It’s really good to meet some of the people that you’ve only talked to online.


CarrieAnne Cormier
Avidia Bank

The speakers were very engaging and knowledgeable. [They] provided great perspective on an area of concern for my organization.


Eric Byrd
Bank of America

[Speakers] were all very good. The panels on security and fraud and cashless society were most interesting.


Paul Terpstra
TD Bank

I really enjoyed all the connections with the different agencies and the other peers in the financial services industry.


Kristy Crist
Bank of America

I think it was an excellent opportunity to network with other industry leaders.


Alex Brew
Navy Federal Credit Union

The conference and the sessions were relevant and very well done. It was nice to have a forum to talk to other FIs about what they are thinking of for the future, and the challenges we all face in the digital movement.


Cathy dePasquale
Flushing Bank

I met a lot of interesting people. What I love is that they’re global. That we’ve met people from around the world. And people are actually dealing with a lot of the same issues and challenges that we deal with…The awards ceremony was great! It was great to see the recognition that different banks are getting for really delivering on the promise of customer experience and doing unique things in the industry.


Phil Leininger

It was great hearing different perspectives on how ATM and mobile are coming together, what security concerns are out there, and what companies have to offer.


Whit Coolbaugh

Appreciated knowing what’s going on as far as integration of mobile and online channels with ATM, which is something that I haven’t found at other conferences.


Scott Brady
First Security Bank

We got very intimate interaction with our target audience and some very heavy hitters in terms of the markets that we play in. So that was excellent…far exceeded our expectations.


Ken Metcalf

The connections that we’ve made here, meeting with some of the largest banks in North America, meeting with some new potential partners as well, that we hope to maybe partner with and bring new products to the marketplace.


Bill Geary

I think it’s been fantastic! You can never nullify the importance of a conversation and the ability to talk with not only other bankers and others in the industry but also some of the vendors and providers that really have a lot of new insights to share.


Rachel Rich
BMO Financial Group

“There’s so many things customer-facing that are coming out with new technology. But really we have to work on the back end internally of our banks to make sure that as the next big thing rolls out we’re prepared to install that into our existing infrastructure…I’d welcome the opportunity to come back again.


Ryan Beasley
First Financial Northwest Bank

I deinitely think I am going to try to get here next year as well.
Hopefully bring a couple of my my colleagues with me.


Stephanie Karaszewski,
M&T Bank

This is the second year I attended the conference and I came back because I thought last year’s conference was terrific. This year’s conference was also terrific. The presenters are very pragmatic, very personable and very informed.


Michele Scruton
Citi Bank

Appreciated the international perspectives brought to the discussions – the Summit was extremely informative and valuable…I always enjoy the opportunity to network with peers and learn a lot that I can apply when I go back to the office.


Pat O’Donnell
Key Bank

This has been a great opportunity for me to get to know a number of the key players in the space. The conference has been great for connections. As a not very large conference, everyone’s accessible. So it’s been a great way for me to get some networking within the industry.


Daniel Goodman

Hear testimonials from attendees, speakers and sponsors from the Bank Customer Experience Summit, including CarrieAnne Cormier of Avidia Bank, Bud Yanak of Fujitsu, Joe Militello of Nautilus Hyosung, Tim Tang of Hughes Network Systems, and Rachel Rich of BMO Financial Group.


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