The Future of Consumerism

In this fascinating talk, Doug Stephens will tackle the future of consumerism. He’ll shed light on the key shifts in economics, demographics, technology, and media that are completely transforming the consumer landscape, and the very essence of retail banking.

Who the consumer is, and how, where, and why they use banking channels, is changing rapidly and forever. The way branches look — and how customers interact with them — is constantly in flux. Mobile technology, social media, location-based services, machine-to-machine connection, big data, and a deluge of developing technologies are all conspiring to forever change how we use and deliver financial services.

How do we cope with all these transformations? Doug will share what smart brands are doing to re-imagine their business and capitalize on historic changes.


Doug Stephens | Retail Prophet

The founder of Retail Prophet, Doug Stephens is one of the world’s foremost retail and consumer futurists. His research and insights have helped major organizations such as Air Miles, Home Depot, Disney and Intel understand exactly how mega-trends in demographics, economics, technology and media are forever altering consumer/brand relationships. And, what they need to do to adapt, evolve and innovate. Drawing on his 20 years of experience, Doug analyzes media trends, financial climates, demographic shifts, emerging technologies and everything in between to provide an unrivaled insight into consumer trends. Doug’s book, The Retail Revival, documents the rise of an incredible new era of consumerism leading to a complete redefinition of what retail is.

Mackenzie King | Director, Design Research & Insight Translation | Lextant

Nancy oversees the ATM and branch automation business across North America for Hyosung, an international leader in financial transaction technology. In her role, she leads all operations, services, sales and innovation initiatives, and guides the company’s continued North American expansion. An industry veteran, Nancy brings an unparalleled global business and technology experience with Fortune 500 companies. She has served more than 25 years in various domestic and international leadership roles in the financial industry. Prior to this, she spent more than 15 years in the defense industry, where she worked in advanced development and as a technology analyst domestically and abroad.


Suzanne Cluckey | Editor | ATM Marketplace

Suzanne is an award-winning journalist with a focus on providing clarity and context in her coverage of industry issues. As a writer and editor, Suzanne draws on 30 years of communications experience encompassing a wide range of subjects and disciplines. Her career has spanned corporate communications, strategic marketing and branding, radio and video production, and copywriting and creative direction for both B2B and B2C advertising campaigns. In addition to her current work for ATM Marketplace, Suzanne has written white papers and features for several other Networld Media Group publications, including Mobile Payments Today.

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