WEDNESDAY / SEPTEMBER 21, 2016 / 11:00 AM

The Last Word on BCX: Millennials Speak for Themselves

The banking industry has talked a lot about millennials. Maybe now it’s time to listen.

To this end, we’re bringing in a panel of experts on millennials (i.e., millennials themselves) to speak their mind.

A “town hall” moderator will test our assumptions about what this new generation of young adults really wants from a financial services provider. Expect to be surprised — and to leave this final summit session with plenty to think about on the way home.


David Van Dyke | Analyst | Javelin Strategy & Research

Daniel is an Analyst in Javelin’s Mobile practice, exploring the intersection of banking, payments and mobile device. In his five years at Javelin, Daniel has worked closely with clients to derive profit from mobile developments in financial services, with particular focus on mobile banking, mobile wallets, and mobile payments. Daniel has authored reports with topics spanning wearables, mobile POS, photo banking, mobile wallets, neobanks, and other topics ranging from the cutting edge to longitudinal trend tracking. Daniel also leads scorecard reports which track and rank the mobile banking offerings of the largest vendors and financial institutions in the U.S.