LUNCH & LEARN / TUESDAY / SEPTEMBER 19, 2017 / 12:00 pm

Digital transformation and CX – where to start

Digital transformation means rethinking business processes to meet customer demand for frictionless interactions in every channel. Providing touchpoints that are clear, timely, and easy to understand leads to real business impacts like increased satisfaction and greater lifetime customer value. Hear about what banks are doing to transform their business models, optimize their operations and evolve from one-way non-contextual communications to compelling, interactive engagements.


Avi Greenfield | Senior Manager of Product Strategy | OpenText Exstream

Avi Greenfield has 20 years of experience in using technology solutions to build business value, with a main focus on customer communications and content management strategy. As Senior Manager of Product Strategy for OpenText Exstream, he is responsible for understanding the needs of customers for managing business-critical communications in complex and demanding environments, and driving the direction of the Exstream portfolio to meet those needs.

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