You can lead a horse to water: Acclimating customers to self-service

The banking industry talks about “driving” users to self-service channels. But customers are not cattle and, when treated as such, tend to get huffy and take their business elsewhere. “Acclimating” might be a better term. Learn how smart bankers are easing account holders into self-service channels and earning the added benefit of deeper customer relationships.


Christie Rice | Worldwide Digital Signage Segment Manager | Intel

Christie Rice is the segment director responsible for Intel’s digital signage and interactive kiosk business worldwide in the Internet of Things Group at Intel. In her role she works to ensure that Intel technology meets the ever changing digital signage needs. She also works closely with the ecosystem to promote solutions that provide the immersive and interactive experience that our customers demand. Before assuming her current role, Christie’s 20 years at Intel included various technical, product, business development, and marketing management positions across a broad range of products and segments including memory, PCs, storage, networking, and IOT.

Dave Richardson | Sr. Manager, Fraud & ATM Operations | First National Bank Omaha

Dave Richardson is the current Senior Manager responsible for ATM and Fraud Operations for First National Bank Omaha. He has served various roles in his 20 years at First National Bank Omaha. He is currently responsible for maintaining and managing the bank’s fleet of ATMs as well as non-card fraud prevention and risk mitigation strategies across the institution. His primary responsibilities address controlling fraud risk while enhancing the customer experience in online channels while partnering with the bank’s digital strategy teams. Dave also spent 20 years in the Air National Guard while earning his Bachelor’s in Psychology and his MBA.

Liam van Beek | Senior Manager of Physical Channel Strategy | BMO Financial Group

Liam is a Senior Manager of Physical Channel Strategy with BMO Financial Group. Her job focuses on the distribution strategy for both the branch and ATM networks in Canada and the US as well as format and capability innovation. Liam has been with the bank for 5 years. Prior to joining BMO, she was an Historian.


Suzi McNicholas | VP of Marketing | Source Technologies

As vice president of Marketing for Source Technologies, Suzi McNicholas is responsible for the company’s overall marketing strategy including lead generation, branding and positioning initiatives. Suzi brings more than 15 years of experience in business-to-business marketing, including previous employment with Source Technologies as finance industry coordinator, marketing manager and corporate communications manager. Before re-joining the company in 2013, McNicholas lead the marketing initiatives at Customer Effective and Dynacast International.

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